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After a quick chat in the team tent, between Chukkas 1 and 2, King Power Foxes realized that they needed to adjust their game plan. What was usually a two man game between the Pieres Brothers became a four man game. It was the only way to take on El Remanso's four-man professional force. King Power Foxes brought in their two Gold Cup virgins and youngsters, Jimbo Manyster and Hugo Taylor. Both boys performed above and beyond what the crowd expected.

They were to disperse El Remanso to get them away from the King Power Foxes key players Facundo & Gonzalito to allow them to score. The two players began to play faster, making it difficult for El Remanso keep up. It was even more difficult for El Remanso to keep up with the teenager Jimbo Manyster who, in addition to scoring three goals, stuck to El Remanso James Harper every time Harper tried to defend the goal or shoot at it.

The final countdown

When King Power Foxes realized they were in control and that winning the tudor replica watches Gold Cup was a possibility, magic started to happen. The guests in the tudor replica watches tent were stunned to see the players fly down the field at breakneck speed while simultaneously picking up the balls, taping them high into the sky and catapulting them downfield, all within a blink of an eye. They treated the polo racket as if they were tennis replica The skill is difficult to comprehend until you realize that the top players in the sport are on the field trying their best to win the most prestigious event of the year.

El Remanso didn't let up a moment, despite King Power Foxes managing to win the game with grit and determination. Charlie Hanbury, the team's patron, and his El Remanso players knew that every second counts in the seven-minute polo chukka. If they stayed on pace, they had a good chance to draw closer to the final score of King Power Foxes. Ollie Cudmore, of El Remanso, proved this by scoring a goal at the end of the match. The score was 13-8.

The crowd erupted at the final bell, not only for the deserving victors of King Power Foxes and their patron "Top"Srivaddhanaprabha, but also for the British boys who played so valiantly throughout the season giving the crowds something to cheer for every week. Geoffrey Lefebvre, Deputy CEO at tudor replica watches and Zahra Kazsim-Lakha from tudor replica watches UK led the presentation of the Gold Cup. Each member of the winning Cowdray Park polo club received a tudor replica watches reverso, engraved with the Phoenix logo.

Even though it began to rain heavily during the award ceremony,Rolex Submariner Replica Watches the smiles of both teams represented the best of British sport. The King Power Foxes had a great season, proving their status as one of Britain's most dominant teams. They also launched the careers of two of its young players, Huge and Jimbo.