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Atmos' dedicated laboratory is bursting with clocks. One wall has a carefully guarded selection of custom-ordered items. The temperature-controlled room bears an almost playful quality in the most discreet of ways, with clocks and their components scattered across worktops. The Metiers d'Arts Workshop is located in the newest wing, a bright and hermetically-sealed room. Here, artists work together to decorate timepieces using various crafts. It's a hub for some of the best artisans in the world, from stonework to enameling, hand guilloche and hand painting. It's not surprising that clients are willing to spend a lot of money on these unique creations, given the skill, creativity and persistence these artisans possess.

This year's highlight is omega speedmaster replica watches's Heritage Gallery. It's a 500-square-meter space dedicated to the brand's heritage, which coincides with the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie,omega speedmaster replica watches in January. The gallery allows visitors a unique insight into the world of inspiration and creativity. It was the LeCoultre farm before it became a horological institution. Now, its interior has a decidedly modern feel and displays some of the most iconic collections throughout the years. The tour guides will tell us about the evolution of the key pieces over the years, punctuated with key dates and humorous anecdotes. The archive has old design renderings on display and a library with historical documents and books. The light-filled atrium houses more display cabinets displaying an array of iconic items. Modern iterations of classic models, such the Reverso and Atmos, are compared with their historical muses.

There is a small workshop upstairs, tucked away, designed for the restoration of old timepieces. Here, experts protect the valuable crafts and stories behind each piece. Behind these glass panels there is a tranquility that cannot be denied as watchmakers work on bringing these timepieces back to life. Each piece is inspected and appraised before the search for missing parts. This requires an unmatched level of patience and passion. Only in the workshop can these watches be expertly fixed using their traditional methods. This gives each client complete assurance that a watch purchased today will last for many generations.

Visitors can also ask questions about specific pieces that were being worked on. The majority of pieces in this workshop are from the 1920s through the 1980s with some dating back to the 19th century.Cartier Pasha Replica It is up to the skilled watchmakers to restore the movement as well as the exterior to their former glory. When components are irreparable and cannot be replaced by stock items, they will be made according to the original design drawings. This is a great example of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s expertise and dedicated, personalized service.

The tour ends behind the restoration workshop, where a new interactive area lets visitors try on watches virtually. This is a fitting way to end the afternoon, having taken us through centuries of watchmaking. Standing on the gallery balcony we can see all the creations so far and imagine what is in store for us next.